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Air carrier rules
The circumvention of an air carrier's rules, including practices such as back-to-back ticketing (purchasing two or more tickets with overlapping travel dates in order to circumvent minimum stay requirements) and hidden-city ticketing (purchasing tickets including segments which the purchaser does not intend to use in order to circumvent an air carrier's pricing structure), is prohibited by many air carriers. The use of prohibited ticketing practices may result in the air carrier taking actions, including the cancellation of the ticket, denied boarding, revocation of frequent flier miles and other benefits, additional charges to the purchaser's credit card, additional charges collected at the airport, or future invoicing.

Money Back Guarantee
The 24-hour money back guarantee applies if you cancel the entire trip and the ticket is purchased more than 24 hours before departure. If you change your ticket within 24 hours different rules apply, based on the ticket type.
You can cancel within 24 hours after your purchase and receive a full refund .... charge being 10% and the maximum charge being 20% of the ticket cost. ... If changing a flight using a customer service agent.

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